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  • AE: Dubai: Du and Alliance Networks form teaming agreement for seamless intra-regional connectivity

    Both du and Alliance are committed to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions, and this Teaming Agreement represents a significant step towards that goal

    du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC), and Alliance Networks W.L.L (ALLIANCE) are pleased to announce their collaboration through a Teaming Agreement aimed at providing seamless intra-regional high-capacity connectivity to potential third-party customers in the region.

  • Connecting geo-locations to unlock data value

    Many countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan are facing the problems of an ageing population and declining productivity, smart city has become their best solution.

    Research institute IDC observes that among the five smart city projects that every nation focuses on, three are data related, namely data use, digital trust, and data-driven public safety, and these are closely related.

  • Connectivity: The fundamental ingredient of a successful smart city

    Smart cities and smart city ideals are emerging as the bedrock of sustainable urban planning, offering high standards of living to residents. Smart mobility plays a central role in this emergence, delivering sustainable transportation and improving lives. Yet its success depends upon rapid, secure, reliable methods of connectivity.

    Despite the expectations of the twentieth century, with the technological promise of The Jetsons, and the hit-and-miss prophecies of the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World, we’re not yet travelling around in flying cars or riding bicycles across bodies of water(1). Yet, with the accelerated rate of digitisation and the development of new technologies, some futuristic expectations are starting to crystallise on a citywide scale.

  • Sweden Tops Connectivity Scorecard, U.S. Takes Silver in Nordic Combined

    The newest Connectivity Scorecard, created by London Business School prof Leonard Waverman a couple years ago, shows the United States second to Sweden.

    Professor Waverman is dean of the Haskayne School of Business at University of Calgary. Oh, and the scorecard is commissioned by Nokia Siemens Networks.

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