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  • Baden-Württemberg: Electronic-Cash in der Justiz

    Justizminister Goll: "Weniger Bürokratie, mehr Sicherheit, geringere Kosten"

    Nur Bares ist Wahres? Die baden-württembergische Justiz setzt künftig lieber auf "Electronic-Cash"

    Als erstes Bundesland führt Baden-Württemberg flächendeckend den unbaren Zahlungsverkehr bei Gerichten, Staatsanwaltschaften und Justizbehörden ein. Bargeld wird dann nur noch in wenigen, besonders eiligen Ausnahmefällen, etwa im Strafbereich oder in der Zwangsvollstreckung angenommen.

  • Brunei: Bill Payment At Pwd Made Easy With eBIS

    The Public Works Department is embracing the digital connectivity to automate processes and improving customer services, including handling customer complaints and bill enquiries via the Internet.

    In its press release, the department said the PWD has embarked on the national eBilling Integrated System (eBIS), one of the e-government project under the Ministry of Development.

  • Brunei: Public Works Department To Introduce E-Billing For Water Utilities

    The Public Works Department's customer service drive has received yet another shot in the arm with the unveiling of a project to implement an electronic billing system for water utilities.

    The Water Services Department under Public Works will be collaborating with local IT solutions provider ZNet Technologies on the installation and maintenance of the eBilling Integrated System (eBIS). The system will enable workers responsible for reading water meters to issue utility bills to the respective consumers on site, thus improving on the efficacy of current billing procedures. The department hopes to improve its service delivery by facilitating the middleman process in data gathering and reducing response time.

  • Brunei: Public Works Dept billing now paperless

    Customers can now check their water bills via the Internet when the handling of metering and billing inquiries will be made available on the Public Works Department website by the end of the year.

    As part of the e-government projects under the Ministry of Development, the national e-Billing Integrated System will enhance the provision of metering and billing services to the public.

  • E-Rechnung: Österreich steuert gegen EU-Kurs

    Digitale Signatur als Stolperstein für Unternehmen

    Das Thema E-Rechnung sorgt in Österreich weiterhin für Diskussionsstoff. Das wurde auf dem E-Day vergangenen Donnerstag ein weiteres Mal deutlich. Die Wirtschaftskammer präsentierte den Themenblock unter dem Titel "E-Rechnung auf Erfolgskurs in Österreich und Europa". Doch während der Vorträge und der darauffolgenden Diskussion mit dem Publikum zeigten sich die noch großen Hürden und Ungereimtheiten, die das Thema begleiten. Stein des Anstoßes in der Frage um eine erfolgreiche Durchsetzung der elektronischen Rechnung ist nach wie vor die digitale Signatur.

  • Egypt: Fawry launches first nation-wide electronic bill payment and presentment network

    Fawry, Egypt's leading banking and payment technology services company, today announced the launch of its nation-wide electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) network to support the growing demand by Egyptians for advanced bill payment facilities, and bringing Egypt to the forefront of e-payment technology.

    The Fawry network and service of the same name, enables Egyptians to conveniently receive all their bills and pay them securely through a single, unified electronic network that is integrated with existing Bank payment channels such as online banking systems, ATM machines, mobile banking systems, call centers and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems.

  • EU: Free eInvoicing Toolbox provides 75+ helpful tools for eInvoicing kick-start

    The eInvoicing Toolbox, the next in a series of free instruments to boost international adoption of electronic invoicing, online billing and invoice automation, was recently launched.

    Shortly after the already successful eInvoicing Checklist, the eInvoicing Toolbox is a free, practical tool that can be put together with more than 75 of the latest free instruments on eInvoicing and invoice automation. The tool provides all the relevant and recent resources to get every organisation kick-started into electronic invoicing, online billing or invoice processing.

  • First e-invoice sent to the European Commission by a supplier

    On 3 February 2010, for the first time, a private company was able to send an electronic invoice for a product / service supplied to the European Commission. This was made possible thanks to the IT tool ‘e-Invoicing’ and the ‘e-PRIOR eProcurement platform’, developed by the Commission’s Directorate General for Informatics (DIGIT) in the framework of the eProcurement project that it has been running together with the Directorate General Internal Market and Services (DG MARKT).

    As public authorities, the Commission and other EU administrations purchase goods and services. For this, the institutions follow procurement procedures, which lead to the conclusion of public contracts. Public contracts represent a part of the Community’s expenditure and cover several areas such as obtaining and fitting out offices for Commission departments, purchasing IT equipment, commissioning consultancy work or technical assistance.

  • Ghana To Start E-Service Billing By April This Year

    All things being equal, the Government of Ghana (GoG) will initiate an e-service billing on pilot basis by April this year. This is made possible by a successful implementation of e-government network system among some 85 Ministries, Municipals, Departments and Agencies (MMDAs) to communicate efficiently and seamlessly and to do government business across the country.

    Mr. William Tevie, Director General ofthe National Information Technology Agency (NITA), disclosed this to about 500 participants drawn from various MMDAs at a conferenceyesterday at the Alisa Hotel here in the capital city of Accra. “It is in this light that NITA has invited you here to show you what services are available and to discuss the proposed pricing for these services before billing begins from 1st April, 2012,” said Tevie.

  • India: Karnataka: Bangalore: Track all civic spending online

    Civic body plans to fully computerise accounting system and give you online access to all payment, contractor and project details in a month

    The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) plans to completely computerise its finance wing in a month to help every Bangalorean monitor online how his municipal tax money is being spent.

    It will also allow you to pay taxes online.

  • India: Uttar Pradesh begins e-scholarship for timely payment

    Money will be directly transferred to students’ account

    In a first, the Uttar Pradesh government has implemented an e-scholarship programme to ensure timely payment of scholarships to over two crore students. Under this, the scholarships will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the students electronically.

    The recipients, belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Caste (OBC), minority communities and Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, had complained of not receiving their scholarships and sometimes even receiving lapsed cheques.

  • Österreich: Stadt Wien verabschiedet sich von Papierrechnungen

    Stadtverwaltung stellt bis 2009 auf elektronische Rechnungen um

    Die Stadt Wien will Rechnungen in Zukunft elektronisch abwickeln. Nach der Bestandsverwaltung und dem Controlling werde die Stadt bis 2009 auch die Rechnungslegung auf SAP umstellen, teilte der größte europäische Softwarekonzern am Montag mit. Dies bedeutet den schrittweisen Abschied von herkömmlichen Papierrechnungen, von denen jährlich rund 1,6 Mio. die zuständigen Magistratsabteilungen erreichen.

  • PK: National Highway Authority launches E-billing system

    National Highway Authority (NHA) has launched E-billing system to facilitate its contractors and ensure transparency.

    Addressing the launching ceremony in Islamabad on Monday, Communications Minister Murad Saeed said E-billing system is part of e-governance programme of the PTI government, which will help save time and eradicate the commission culture.

  • Saudi: Second phase of e-invoicing to begin from Jan 1

    The second phase of e-invoicing comes as an extension to the economic renaissance and digital transformation that Saudi Arabia is witnessing

    Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has defined the criteria for selecting the targeted establishments in the second group to implement the integration phase of e-invoicing.

  • UAE: Dubai Civil Aviation becomes first to use Dubai eGovernment's 3DS ePay System

    Dubai eGovernment has announced that Dubai Civil Aviation (DCA) has become the first government department to adopt the new 3 Domain Secure (3DS) ePay System.

    ePay 3D secure is a payment protocol developed by Visa to enhance and validate card payments.

  • UAE: Dubai Taxi launches e-transfer of salaries and dues to banks service

    The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has commissioned a new service of transferring employee salaries and vendor dues to banks electronically as part of its initiatives for this year aiming to improve the level of service, speed up processes and save the time & efforts of service recipients.

    According to the Director of Resources & Support Ali Mattar Mohammed, the Finance Section started offering this new service successfully by transferring employee salaries since last May. "This services has multiple benefits as it enables transferring salaries to banks on the same day, with two additional days needed to carry out reviewing, monitoring and verification of employees personal accounts and deliver salaries early, at least one day earlier when compared with the previous system; which saves time and effort involved in the transfer process," said Ali Mattar.

  • USA: Cities Let Citizens Pay Bills With ‘Bling’

    Bling Nation sounds like a bad reality TV show starring timepiece-adorned rapper Flavor Flav. But it’s not (unfortunately).

    In real life, it’s much more useful. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based service allows smartphone users to pay instantly with one swipe at participating stores and other locations. Now, a few municipalities, including the city of Palo Alto, are offering Bling Nation as another method for residents to pay their utility bills and parking tickets.

  • USA: VA expands electronic invoicing

    Agency will also offer service to other federal agencies

    The Financial Services Center of the Veterans Affairs Department is setting up an electronic invoicing service for commercial vendors doing business with the agency. FSC also plans to offer this service for other agencies.

    The agency signed an agreement with a commercial provider of an electronic invoice submission network, OB10. A&T Systems is acting as the contractor to bridge the agency to the network.

  • ZA: Billing system: Roadmap to improve Joburg's billing woes

    The City of Johannesburg will aim to improve the accuracy of its billing system and its customer service over the next few years. On Tuesday, City Manager Trevor Fowler launched a Revenue and Billing Roadmap, which will see the city addressing its current service levels and moving to higher levels of service over a 19-month period.

    "The main objectives of this initiative include improving the accuracy of billing and customer data integrity; enhancement of the city's customer engagement model; to ensure better responsiveness; the eradication of property change-of-ownership backlogs and the implementation of a 'standard of service charter' for our customers within the first phase of three months," he said.

  • ZA: City of Johannesburg billing roadmap 'nothing new'

    The City of Johannesburg (COJ) yesterday launched a revenue and billing roadmap that seeks to fill all the gaps and correct all the flaws with its problematic systems over a period of 19 months.

    “The normalisation of the city's billing situation is and has been a priority of government over the past months. The mayoral committee has identified this as one of the key issues to be resolved as we move towards achieving our vision of being a world-class African city,” said member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for finance Geoffrey Makhubo.

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