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NI: Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua to Introduce Telemedicine from Russian Cooperation

    Nicaragua will introduce the practice of telemedicine to improve diagnosis and treatment, as well as education for health professionals, with assistance from Russia, a government representative announced on Friday.

    The adviser to President Daniel Ortega for social affairs, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, said that collaboration is part of the agreements signed recently at talks among officials from both governments in Moscow.

  • World Bank Approves $7 Million for Rural Telecommunications in Nicaragua

    The World Bank’s Board of Directors approved a $7 million, zero-interest credit to Nicaragua in order to increase access to and reduce costs of telecommunications services in rural areas.

    “Despite Nicaragua’s considerable progress in telecommunication services over the last decade, the country continues to have one of the lowest telephone density and ICT levels in Latin America,” said Jane Armitage, World Bank director for Central America. “This project supports the Government of Nicaragua’s modernization efforts where telecommunications contribute to poverty reduction by significantly lessening the economic and social isolation of rural areas.”

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