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Samstag, 22.06.2024
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WINDTRE and the municipality of Pieve di Soligo have signed a memorandum of understanding to support the transition towards the Smart City model.

The objective of the collaboration is to identify development paths dedicated to the public administration to design and manage innovative solutions aimed at citizens and businesses with urban digitalisation initiatives, development of technological skills and the digital culture of the territory.

Pieve di Soligo is a place rich in history, culture and natural beauty and is the reference municipality for the programmatic agreements of the High Lands of the Treviso area which includes around thirty municipalities throughout the area. It is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural landscape of extraordinary value.

“WINDTRE is committed to contributing to the transformation of Italian realities into intelligent Smart Cities, generating a positive impact on local communities”, declares Davide Furlan, Area Manager Northeast Corporate Sales of WINDTRE. “As an advisor for local administrations, we aim to offer support for the digital and green transition with advanced solutions that, for example, allow us to study mobility flows to develop the tourist offer thanks to the use of Big Data Analytics. Our cutting-edge technological infrastructure and specific skills allow us to support local authorities in creating innovative solutions for citizens, making their lives simpler and more sustainable”.

“Subscribing the protocol with WINDTRE offers the possibility for our entire community to access training meetings on digital education, he claims Stefano Soldan, mayor of Pieve di Soligo. An opportunity that we are happy to make available to the area.”

One of the ten concrete, measurable and business-integrated objectives of the WINDTRE sustainability plan is to put digital at the service of Smart Cities and design the urban transformation of Italian cities together with local administrations to improve the environment, health and quality. of people’s lives. For years, the company has been promoting solutions and projects aimed at accompanying the country towards a more sustainable and inclusive future and aims to achieve ambitious results in all three ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) dimensions by 2030. , in line with the UN 2030 Agenda.


Quelle/Source: Breaking Latest News, 23.04.2024

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