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Sonntag, 26.05.2019
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Kiosks offering free Wi-Fi, wayfinding services, transportation information and advertising will replace existing wayfinding kiosks in Cleveland, according to Crain's Cleveland Business. IKE Smart City, based in Columbus, will provide the kiosks, which will also allow users to upload information to smartphones.

The new kiosks, which will be installed mostly downtown, will also offer 311 and 911 connections, allow people to take selfies, measure vehicle and pedestrian traffic and monitor air quality.

The city council is reviewing legislation to replace 60 existing kiosks that mostly offer advertising.

Freddy Collier, director of the city planning commission, said the city will share the revenue with IKE Smart City after the company recovers installation and operating costs.


Quelle/Source: Digital Signage Today, 15.02.2019

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