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Sonntag, 25.02.2024
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The City of Raleigh will debut new interactive kiosks in the downtown area in hopes of improving the way people navigate the area.

The city will unveil 8-foot tall black boxes called IKE or interactive kiosk experience.

Each one has an interactive touch screen and when activated they'll help users get directions, find information about upcoming events in Raleigh as well as community and social service resources.

You can even use the kiosks to take selfies!

The people making this possible say they don't require any money from the City of Raleigh or the taxpayers.

Instead, according to the company called Ike Smart City they'll get paid with money generated by ads shown on the screens of the kiosks.

Five kiosks are expected to be activated Tuesday and eventually there will be 15 total across downtown Raleigh.


Quelle/Source: ABC11, 14.11.2023

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