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Montag, 20.09.2021
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The Central government introduced Smart City scheme in 2015 for providing infrastructure facilities and amenities and setting an example of how an ideal city should be. Historic Aurangabad was included in the scheme in 2016. For three initial years, the scheme progressed at a snail’s pace. However, in the last two years, the scheme accelerated like a metro train. One by one, projects are being completed. Smart City bus, Safari Park, e-governance system and Master System Integration (MSI) projects are contributing a lot in the city’s development. The city has received Rs 441 crore from the central and state governments. An amount of Rs 346 crore has been spent out of it. The Central and state governments allocated funds to the Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (ASCDCL) as per plan. The ASCDCL Board could do various works for development. The MSI project taken up in the beginning of the scheme, will gain momentum now. Works like installing 750 CCTV cameras, 50 display boards, zebra crossing, cat’s eye, boards displaying traffic rules, traffic signals, direction boards at various places, building command control room to watch CCTV cameras have been completed under the scheme by spending Rs 176 crore. A project like Safari Park which was necessary for the city was taken up under the Smart City. A total of 150 android base E-ticketing machines have been purchased. Tender was issued for Rs 42-crore e-governance project under the Smart City scheme realising that the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) lags in providing online services. Love Aurangabad, Love Khadki boards were fixed at various places for beautifying the city. Historical gates were repaired under the scheme. Clock tower at Shahganj is being repaired.

  • Rs 250-crore share

    The AMC will have to contribute Rs 250 crore out of the Rs 1,000 crore Smart City scheme. It has been asked to put its share in the next year due to present precarious financial condition arising out of chronic deficit and effect of corona pandemic. After the AMC puts its share, an amount of Rs 250 crore will be received from the state and central governments.

  • Good public transport facility

    Financial provision was made for five years by starting the Smart City bus under the scheme. Former municipal commissioner Dr Nipun Vinayak took initiative for buying buses. Administrator Astikkumar Pandey planned in such a way that Smart City bus services will continue to run for ten years. He has also enhanced the financial provisions to attain this goal. Common people can get affordable transport facilities through the Smart Bus. Near about Rs 40 crore were spent on bus purchasing.

  • Safari Park scheme from Smart City

    Safari Park will be created under the Smart City scheme due to insufficient space at Siddharth garden zoo. Government has given land for this project. A provision of Rs 147 crore has been done for Safari Park’s first phase. This project has been included in the Smart City scheme because the AMC does not have enough funds. Tourists and common people will enjoy Jungle Safari after completion of this project.

  • Safe city due to MSI project

    Provision of Rs 176 crore has been done for MSI project. 700 CCTV cameras, 50 digital display boards, command control centre at municipal corporation and commissioner of police office, traffic rules boards and zebra crossing will be completed under this scheme. 80% work of this project has been done. Police can effectively monitor city duty due to CCTV cameras and criminal activities have automatically declined due to such modern facilities in the city.

  • E-governance system is more important for AMC

    Birth and death certificates are issued at various zonal offices of the AMC as per the old system. Now, this scheme will get a modern touch and AMC has made a provision of Rs 42 crore for e-governance. Citizens will be provided with various online facilities like mobile app and website.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Mujeeb Deonikar

Quelle/Source: Lokmat, 20.06.2021

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