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Freitag, 12.08.2022
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Parking to become more convenient in the city with the help of this new facility

Kanpur Municipal Corporation and Smart City Limited are together working on the development of smart parking spaces in the city. As per reports, Commissioner Dr. Raj Shekhar inspected three out of the 43 such parking lots being set up across the district, under the Smart City Project. This scheme will propel a digital revamp for the city's parking infrastructure through the introduction of a mobile application, equipped with umpteen options for digital payments.

With a parking capacity of around 1,500 cars & 2,500 two-wheelers

It has been reported that the commissioner directed Tech Mahindra, the company providing technical support for this project, to ensure that all 43 parking facilities are equipped with sufficient CCTV cameras. Once all centres become operational, they will have the total capacity to house nearly 1,500 cars and 2,500 two-wheelers. Reportedly, changes are being worked out for the digital payment interface called Kanpur Smart Parking and it will be rolled out for public use soon.

Mobile Application to have a map of the city & marked parking spots

As per reports, the fares and norms to be listed on the new parking app will be decided soon. Currently, Kanpur Smart City Limited has accelerated its plans to assure that the centres are ready for use as soon as possible. Reportedly, 13 of the total spaces will be used for parking cars while the other spots will be used for stationing of the two-wheelers.

The Information Technology In-Charge at KSCL informed that the application will have a map of the city and the designated parking spaces will be marked on it. Citizens can get the spots booked, at the place of need. With the advent of this new scheme, citizens will be able to use parking facilities in a hassle-free manner. Besides, the regulation and monitoring of the parking spaces will also be improved.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ankur Verma

Quelle/Source: Knocksense, 09.09.2021

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