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Samstag, 3.06.2023
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East Siang Deputy Commissioner Tayi Taggu, along with Smart City CEO Dr Manjuli Komut and AEs, inspected all ongoing works under the Smart City Mission over the week to obtain firsthand information regarding the progress and quality of the works being carried out in the township under the mission.

On Wednesday, accompanied by DRDA PD Tajing Padung, EAC Nancy Yirang, DACO Monnong Tayeng and PWD JE AK Singh, the DC inspected the construction of the mini secretariat building. He directed the engineers and the contractor to “expedite the work without compromising the quality.”

The PWD JE informed the DC that the sanctioned amount for the secretariat building is Rs 25 crore and the construction agency is M/s Agam Construction. “The probable date of construction is 16 October, 2024,” he informed.

The officials requested the DC to initiate action to ensure that fund for the work is released at the earliest.


Quelle/Source: The Arunachal Times, 13.04.2023

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