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Officials say command centre up and running, while citizens seem to be unaware

Bengaluru Smart City Limited (BSCL) has finally rolled out the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) to address public grievances after months of delay. However, BSCL officials say while ICCC is up and functional, it is yet to be launched formally.

“We recently completed the pilot study and the committee has given a go-ahead to the project. The facility has already started working and we are receiving many complaints. While we are already live functionally, the last bit of paperwork for the official launch is yet to be completed. That is expected to be done within a couple of days,” said a senior official at BSCL.

While the facility is operational, BSCL officials say they are ironing out the last few creases. Since ICCC has brought in 14 line departments, including key agencies like BBMP, BWSSB, BESCOM, KSPCB, BMTC, and BTC, under the same roof, dependency on these departments is very high, leading to last-minute hiccups.

“We are ironing out the last few hiccups and we are progressing. Citizens are already dialing and registering their complaints about all 14 departments. Since the base systems in case of some of these departments are not ready yet, we are going ahead with alternate integration. However, most of them such as BBMP, BESCOM, BMRCL, BTP, and KSPCB are already completely integrated. We have begun monitoring KSPCB’s sensors and started feeding in the dashboard. Notifications regarding high levels of air and noise pollution are also being sent out to the authorities concerned,” informed the official.

The integrated command centre aims to streamline data collection, collaboration, and analysis for improved urban planning and development. Moreover, the center is expected to serve as an incident and emergency management solution for daily operations, allowing for data integration, correlation, and analysis from various sources to expedite decision-making and enhance response times.

Citizens unaware

While BSCL claims that the facility is already live and receiving complaints, many citizens that BM spoke to said they were not aware that the centre is already taking complaints.

“I take up civic issues in my area and raise complaints with various agencies regularly. However, I am not aware that ICCC is up and functional. The onus is on BSCL to ensure that citizens are aware of this facility. Otherwise, crores of rupees spent on the system will go to waste. While putting up posts on social media is one way of going about it, it cannot be a reliable platform to disseminate such information,” said a resident of Vasanth Nagar.

“It is easy to claim that the facility is live and working. But BSCL should provide some instances of action taken through ICCC. While the center is created by a smart city, many of the issues plaguing smart city roads are still unsolved. I am not aware that the centre has started functioning,” said Susan P, another resident.


Quelle/Source: Bangalore Mirror, 14.10.2023

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