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Samstag, 2.03.2024
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The Smart City Kochi concept which was implemented with great fanfare eyeing IT development, is yet to achieve its goal. Even after 12 years of signing the agreement, no steps have been taken to deliver the promised jobs and opportunities to Kerala.

The agreement was signed in 2011. The first phase became a reality only in 2016. The announcement at that time was that the project would be completed by 2020. However, in 2023, even half of the promised employment opportunities have not materialised. The announcements of 90,000 jobs, 88 lakh square feet of buildings, bringing global companies to Kerala are yet to be implemented.

Officials said that the flood in 2018, followed by Covid-19 and the shortage of construction materials slowed the pace of the project. The Chief Executive Officer of Smart City Kochi Infrastructure Pvt Ltd resigned earlier this year. A new CEO is yet to be appointed.

This project has gone through many crises. All the development seen so far has been possible due to government intervention and the current crisis also needs the government’s push. Smart City was sanctioned free construction rights on 12 percent of the land in the project area. According to this, Smart City should get 29.5 acres of land. However, some clarity regarding this is yet to be reached.


Quelle/Source: Mathrubhumi, 27.12.2023

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