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Samstag, 2.03.2024
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Ludhiana, the industrial powerhouse of Punjab, is poised for a transformative year in 2024.

Several key projects are set to come to fruition, propelling the city towards a brighter future.

  • International Airport: Ludhiana's wait for an international airport is finally ending. The impressive interim terminal building, along with other crucial components, is nearing completion at the Halwara Air Force Station. The project, targeted for February 28th, will boost connectivity and trade.

  • 24x7 Water Supply: The long-awaited canal-based water supply project is kicking off in 2024. With funds secured and land acquired, the project will soon bring clean, reliable water to Ludhiana's residents.

  • Smart City Transformation: Ludhiana's journey towards becoming a smart city continues with 52 projects already completed and 20 more in progress. These projects cover various aspects like waste management, public transport, and technology integration.

  • Clean Buddha Nullah: The polluted Buddha Nullah is getting a much-needed makeover. With 95% of the rejuvenation project completed, residents can look forward to a clean, flowing waterbody in 2024.

  • Infra Development Surge: Big-ticket infrastructure projects like highways, bridges, and schools are on track for completion in 2024. These will significantly improve connectivity and public facilities in the city.

  • Healthcare Upgrade: Ludhiana's healthcare sector is set for a major boost. The district hospital will receive a new critical care unit, increased medication availability, and general infrastructure improvements. Additional Aam Aadmi Clinics will also be established, expanding healthcare access.

  • National Highway Network Expansion: Several national highways passing through Ludhiana are nearing completion in 2024. These include elevated highways, expressways, and bypasses, improving traffic flow and regional connectivity.

  • Civic Issues in Focus: With the MC elections approaching, issues like solid waste management, waterlogging, and stray animals are expected to be addressed in 2024. The construction of ROB/RUBs, waste management facilities, and vending zones will also be prioritized.

  • PAU Beautification: Punjab Agricultural University, the city's green lung, will receive a facelift. Rock garden restoration, QR-coded trees, and revived water bodies are planned to enhance the university's beauty and environmental value.

  • Industry Optimism: Industrialists hope 2024 brings a more favorable business environment. They expect fulfillment of promises like cheaper power, improved infrastructure, reduced corruption, and tax relief, aiding the industry's revival.

  • Sports Infrastructure Boost: The city's sports infrastructure is getting a major upgrade. A new synthetic athletics track, a state-of-the-art basketball hall, and improved hockey facilities will provide aspiring athletes with world-class training grounds.

  • Developing Periphery: Satellite towns like Jagraon, Sahnewal, and Doraha will see significant infrastructure development and improved civic amenities in 2024, promoting their growth and integration with Ludhiana.

Overall, 2024 promises to be a year of transformation for Ludhiana, with various projects and developments driving progress across sectors. From improved infrastructure and connectivity to a cleaner environment and enhanced healthcare, the city is poised for a brighter future.


Quelle/Source: Construction World, 02.01.2024

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