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In a bid to enhance traffic management and enforcement, the Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) has introduced cutting-edge technology in the city. High-resolution cameras equipped with radar and artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been installed to monitor traffic flow and detect violations effectively.

Key Features of the Initiative:

  • High-Resolution Cameras with AI: These cameras, installed at 15 strategic locations across Mangaluru, provide real-time visuals and employ AI tools to analyze footage, identify, and track traffic offences.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The initiative aims to ensure comprehensive coverage of the city’s traffic network, with cameras installed at crucial junctions such as Ballalbagh, Besant Junction, and Kodialbail.
  • Command and Control Centre: Developed under the Smart City project, the command and control centre facilitates the monitoring and management of traffic operations. The project, implemented in two phases, has seen an investment of Rs 14 crore in the first phase and Rs 19 crore in the second phase.
  • Violation Detection: The cameras are capable of recording various violations, including signal jumping, triple riding, and failure to wear helmets or seat belts, by capturing clear images of vehicle registration numbers.
  • Speed Violation Monitoring: Radar technology is employed to capture speed violations on highways, ensuring adherence to speed limits.
  • Challan Issuance: Upon detection of violations, challans will be issued, and notices will be served to violators via their contact numbers by the police.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management: The initiative also includes the implementation of an intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) to synchronize signals and manage traffic flow effectively, especially during peak hours.
  • Corridor Management: A corridor management system will be introduced, integrating various roads to streamline traffic management from Kottara Chowki to Jeppinamogaru on NH-66.
  • Expansion of Smart Poles: Under the Integrated Command and Control Centre phase-1, smart poles have already been installed at various locations, further enhancing surveillance capabilities.

This initiative underscores MSCL’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient traffic management, ensuring safer roads and improved mobility for citizens.


Quelle/Source: News Karnataka, 22.05.2024

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