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Montag, 15.07.2024
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The Dakshina Kannada district administration has launched a disaster management application through the Mangaluru Smart City Limited, aimed at enhancing mitigation efforts at the micro level.

This application helps in planning the necessary resources, such as earthmovers and boats, as soon as a distress call is received.

The data integrated into the system includes information about ASHA workers, expert swimmers, and divers.

Distress calls are fed into the system, which then notifies the incident commander. There are 292 teams, and the resources are also tagged. Photos taken before and after the incident are uploaded as well, said deputy commissioner Mullai Muhilan MP.

Speaking on the sidelines of a review meeting at the Mescom office on Sunday, the DC said the application’s dashboard provides details on reported and pending incidents, the person the issue has been assigned to, including the time taken to resolve them.

The reporting structure involves the panchayat reporting to the EO and ULBs reporting to the tahsildar, who then reports to the district administration.

The administration is working on integrating messages received on WhatsApp from the public directly into the app. “Currently, only operators and certain departments, such as Mescom, forest, fire and emergency services, and other officials, have login access. Data is currently entered based on calls received by the operator and WhatsApp messages. There are plans to expand the app’s scope to include grievance redressal in the future. Meanwhile, since the data is being constantly fed, the vulnerable areas will be reflected in the map, which will help in better implementation of the disaster management plan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the district administration conducted a two-day drive to ensure compliance with preventive measures. Officials were instructed to review the disaster management plan and identify vulnerable spots. Every potential threat needs to be included, and officials have been directed to visit the field along with elected representatives to study the area thoroughly, considering possibilities like landslips, footbridge conditions and so on. Details are expected to be finalised by Monday, the DC said.

Since the first week of June, officials have been using the application for disaster management. Under the disaster management plan, vulnerable areas are identified, typically based on historical data. However, according to the DC, the current approach aims to delve deeper by decentralising the entire plan and addressing issues at a micro level. He stressed on the importance of spreading awareness about building designs, particularly for houses constructed in sloped areas. He is also considering bringing in a regulation regarding designs under the District Disaster Management


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 01.07.2024

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