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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
The official website of the UAE Cabinet (www.uaecabinet.ae) was declared as the winner of the ‘Technical Creativity Award’ at the recently held Arab e-Government Web Awards, prevailing over other Ministries. The award recognizes the tremendous efforts that have been made by Governments in the Arab world to develop and maintain up-to-date and advanced web portals to better serve their citizens and residents, and enhance transparency through the provision of data and information that meets the best international standards and practices.

The website of the UAE Cabinet was developed in accordance with the directions of the UAE’s leadership, to promote greater transparency within the public sector by offering an accurate and updated database that is accessible to both citizens and residents. The website acts as a reliable reference for all information related to the UAE Cabinet and promotes better understanding of the nature of the UAE’s government system and the mechanisms of decision-making.

According to The Government Communications Office (GCO) the award will provide further impetus to the commitment of the UAE government in promoting the e-government initiative, aimed at increasing the number of online services offered by different federal entities to citizens and expatriates.

The award serves as a confirmation of the success of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs’ efforts in providing comprehensive information about the country, and raising levels of awareness of government administrative methods and authoritative and legislative structures.

The Ministry launched a number of initiatives aimed at further enhancing the standards of e-government and the performance of federal bodies within this framework, including a simple and comprehensive guide on website development – the first of its kind to be created at a federal level. The guide, developed by GCO will help unify and streamline the basic standards that need to be maintained while developing the websites of various federal entities, enhance the quality and design of these websites, and maintain consistency in the corporate identity of these federal bodies.

The official website of the UAE Cabinet provides citizens and expatriates with basic and authentic information about the Federal Government in general and about the UAE Cabinet in particular. It is also provides visitors with access to information about any federal entity or about any decrees or laws approved by the Cabinet.

The ‘Arab e-Government Web Awards’ was launched in coordination with the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), a specialized organization affiliated with the League of Arab States, and Pan Arab Web Awards Academy. The assessment of the Arab e-Government Awards includes a thorough study and analysis of Arab government websites including Arab Parliaments and Cabinets, Ministries, Municipalities, and Governorates among others.


Quelle/Source: Al Bawaba, 11.05.2010

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