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Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has announced the possession of the world's largest database of civil integrated biometrics within the UAE population register system with a total of around 103 million decimal and rounded fingerprints as well as the prints of the palm, hand and hand side and over 15 million facial prints and digital signatures, until mid of 11th October.

On the sidelines of its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2012, which kicked off in Dubai world Trade Centre on Sunday, the Emirates ID announced that it had submitted an official application to the World Record Academy to register its attempt to achieve a record, the first of its kind in the world, that would bring it new international recognition of the unprecedented figure it achieved.

"This achievement is one of the fruits that gained from UAE leaders' prudent decision to create Emirates Identity Authority that aimed at developing an advanced system to manage the population register. This is contributing to strengthening national and individual security in the State, as well as supporting the comprehensive development programs in the country," Dr Engineer Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General of Emirates ID said.

The record made by the Emirates Identity Authority, is a new addition to the globe achievements in various fields that confirms the clear and future vision of the leadership of the State that ensures the success of this national and strategic project serving the supreme national objectives and the interests of the nation, he added.

He confirmed that Emirates Identity Authority after its founding in 2004 has moved forward toward completing a world class and sophisticated population register system. This system provides unique identification and secured verification for every citizen or resident in UAE by giving them a unique personal numbers linked to his/her biometric characteristics such as fingerprints.

Emirates ID developed its strategic plan by the end of 2009, thereby contributing to doubling the number of population registers and hence the fingerprints of individuals over the past three years by 6 times up to the end of last September to a total of around 102 million civil integrated fingerprints record up to last September 2012, compared to around 14 million fingerprints record in the same period of 2009.

Al Khouri added "providing a comprehensive database of inhabitants' fingerprints, will contribute and support projects related to Emirates national vision 2021, aimed at enhancing the security and advancement of society, as well as supporting e-government projects through authenticating personal identity in e-transactions conducted over the Internet, thus contributing to hindering the risk of identity theft that increases day by day worldwide. This criminal behaviour caused losses estimated at hundreds of billions of Dirhams.

He explained that the Authority succeeded in this achievement, as a result of the reengineering of registration procedures and the improving of electronic infrastructure, through the use of modern and high quality electronic hardware and software specialised in capturing high quality fingerprints.


Quelle/Source: The Gulf Today, 14.10.2012

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