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Samstag, 27.11.2021
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Officials in international technology companies confirmed that the UAE Programming Day, which is part of the National Program for Programmers launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in July 2021, is the culmination of the digital transformation process in the UAE. The UAE, and confirms its commitment and unremitting efforts to build a modern digital economy and support technical innovation.

International companies participating in the National Program for Programmers emphasized their continued investment in their educational and training programs to support national visions of digital innovation, support young skills in programming sciences, and continue to support digital transformation in public and private sector companies.


Ammar Al Malik, Director General of Dubai City, said that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s adoption of the Programming Day under the slogan “The Emirates Programs” is a culmination of the digital transformation process in the country and an affirmation of the continuity of government efforts towards consolidating the UAE’s leadership in the fields of technology and innovation.

He added: Since its establishment 22 years ago, Dubai Internet City has been keen to lay solid foundations for the technology community in all its sectors, especially programming, and to enhance Dubai’s position as a global destination for talent and companies, so that they all contribute to achieving the goals of government initiatives and building the future of technology in the region in line with the vision of the rational leadership.


He stated that these pioneering initiatives support the community of global companies, entrepreneurs and talents in the fields of technology in the country and the region as a whole.

Today, in Dubai Internet City, we are proud that history, on the twenty-ninth of October each year, documents the unprecedented levels our beloved country has reached in programming applications, which are the backbone of technical transformation, and that we highlight to the world Dubai’s creative platforms that provide the best services and basic foundations for business success. In this vital sector, we are also proud that our business partners and specialists in our community are an essential part of the initiatives and continue to lead the technology sector locally and regionally.

And he added: We believe that programming is the language of the future and we continue to support and enhance the technology and innovation community, and to move forward in attracting more international companies and talents through our initiatives and projects in cooperation with our strategic partners, entrepreneurs and specialists in these fields in order to achieve strategic economic goals and enhance The digital economy.


Hossam Saif Al-Din, IBM’s General Manager for the Middle East and Pakistan, said in exclusive statements to Al Bayan, that the UAE is a pioneer in adopting new technologies at the regional level, as it has succeeded in establishing its position as a regional and global center for the digital economy, noting that the UAE launched many One of the successful initiatives, which aims to attract and build a new generation of programmers to complete the process of development and comprehensive digital transformation.

He added: We are proud of our participation in the National Program for Programmers, which is one of the latest initiatives of the UAE government to empower and train programmers and innovators. It sheds more light on the UAE’s tireless efforts to build a digital economy and support technical innovation, which have turned it into a leading center for incubating entrepreneurs from around the world.

Hossam Seif El-Din explained: “IBM’s long-standing commitment to empowering new generations with modern skills and providing them with the tools to build their digital talent has been at the heart of all the initiatives we lead and engage in across the region, and our ongoing collaboration with Middle Eastern governments is one of the main pillars.” IBM’s commitment to contribute to the success of the digital transformation journey in the region. We will continue to invest in our educational and training programs to support national visions of digital innovation.


In this context, IBM recently announced its global commitment to equip 30 million people of all ages with the new skills needed for the jobs of the future by 2030.

By working with more than 170 new partnerships and expansions in a number of programs in more than 30 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to make existing IBM programs and platforms available to improve job skills and provide learning opportunities and acquire technical skills required in the market.

Shukri Eid, CEO of Cisco in the Gulf Region, said: “At Cisco, we believe that creating a skilled and young workforce and encouraging innovation within the startup ecosystem are key factors in moving towards a digital economy and promoting a digital and inclusive future.

In the midst of the expansion of the digital space, and the foresight of current and future challenges and opportunities, it has become very important to focus on human skills and urge members of society to pay attention to such specializations to prepare for the future.

Accordingly, we commend the UAE’s adoption of October 29 as a day to celebrate programmers, and we see this as an actual translation of a more comprehensive digital future approach and another step taken by the UAE to become a force that is not only regional, but also global in the field of technology, which is an actual translation of a more comprehensive digital future approach.


He added, “Cisco has a proven track record of creating future-ready generations and enhancing programming skills in communities.

In addition to being a partner in the “National Program of Programmers” initiative to empower developers in the UAE, we have launched several initiatives related to talent development with our local partners through the Cisco Digital Acceleration Program in the UAE, in addition to the Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad), which we provide from During which, in cooperation with local universities in the UAE, high-level classes and courses are offered to train and refine students’ skills in many areas such as programming, cybersecurity and networking.


Ahmed Al Khilafi, General Manager of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in the UAE, said: “This initiative came as a continuation of the fiftieth initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in its seventh item, which emphasizes the importance of the country’s digital and technical superiority because of its developmental and economic effects and attracting more of young talents and their retention, which enhances the competitiveness of the UAE and maintains its supremacy in various fields and makes it the ideal destination for investment in front of international companies.

We at Hewlett Packard Enterprise support these initiatives that meet our vision of supporting the digital transformation of the communities in which we operate, especially the UAE, which constitutes for us and all companies the first incubator of advanced technology in the world.

We have reflected our commitment to the country and its digital transformation journey by providing the latest innovations to keep pace with the rapid development movement pursued by the government, the most prominent example of which is the launch of “Digital Life Garage” in Dubai as the first center of its kind in the world in Dubai specifically to serve governments and private institutions and support the operations of Digital transformation and empowering its members with the latest technologies in the world.


The General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the UAE explained that we seek to attract and train local, regional and global talent, and we seek, through our joint efforts with government and international companies, to increase investment directed to startups from 1.5 billion dirhams to 4 billion dirhams. We will provide our global experience and regional knowledge of the market to train and employ individuals from all over the world to participate in the realization of Dubai’s vision, also utilizing the capabilities of Digital Life Garage.

Ahmed Al Khilafi added: “The initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, will accelerate digital transformation processes at all levels and make it a priority for institutions to keep pace with this rapid development.

And I believe that in the near future we will see a great trend by international talents towards the Emirates, which has a global balance and great confidence by young talents from all over the world. The state and its government have proven great flexibility in dealing with global events and launching initiatives that respond to them and achieve leadership through them.”


Quelle/Source: Middle East in 24, 29.10.2021

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