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Seniors will have the chance to become more technologically confident via a digital skills training programme the Government is rolling out for up to 5000 people across the country today.

The 2022 Budget has allocated $1.341 million over three years for the Office for Seniors to expand its digital literacy training programme.

In announcing the programme, Minister for Seniors Ginny Anderson said barriers to digital inclusion can include a lack of access to devices or connections, the skills needed to use them or mistrust of the online environment.

“Being online is increasingly important for participation in modern life,” Anderson said.

“As many as one in four older people do not access the internet regularly.

“The programmes focus on supporting older people to develop the skills to get online safely and confidently.”

The six providers that will run the programme are Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, 2020 Communications Trust, Moana Connect, 360 Tautua, Takiri Mai Te Ata Trust and Age Concern Auckland.

The funding is particularly targeted towards delivering digital skills training to diverse groups, including older Māori, Pacific and East Asian people.

The Office for Seniors Digital Literacy Training for Seniors programme won the education category in the 2021 IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards.

“From doing banking online to staying in touch with grandchildren, we want to make sure our seniors have access to all that modern technology offers,” Andersen said.


Quelle/Source: NZ Herald, 15.04.2023

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