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Montag, 15.07.2024
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Shanghai's "International Digital Sea" project, a smart digital city in Fengxian District, will soon launch its initial phase, offering a glimpse of future urban life.

The project is the top priority in Fengxian New City, one of Shanghai's "five new cities." It covers about 1.4 square kilometers and is planned to be completed in seven phases over 10 years. It aims to create three digital cities – above ground, underground, and in the cloud.

The first phase will open by the end of June, a significant step towards building a smart city in Fengxian, according to the district government.

The project focuses on digital economy industries. At the Digital Sea's exhibition center, a guide robot opens the doors to a high-tech hall.

Visitors experience a digital twin of the city, showcasing every detail from plants to underground pipelines on a data screen. This integration allows for cloud-based visibility and management.

The project will also bring together high-tech industries such as smart terminals, precision medicine, and quantum computing. Companies including Alibaba Cloud have shown interest in moving to the digital city.

In 2023, the new city had over 500 high-tech firms, 30 city-level tech giants, and 80 district-level tech giants. Fourteen innovation incubators have nurtured many leading high-tech startups.

Many of the companies are based at the Phoenix Creativity Valley innovation base. The average age of researchers at the incubator is about 35. The base has housed 149 companies since it started in September 2016 and nurtured over 30 businesses.

Fengxian is also optimizing its industrial structure by removing low-efficiency enterprises. In 2023, the district removed 150 low-efficiency companies, freeing up industrial land and building high-standard factories.

Public services in Fengxian are also improving.In education, Fengxian built 14 new schools and is constructing 13 more.

In healthcare, the new maternity hospital is open, and two other hospitals are being developed. Cultural and sports projects include a new art museum and a science fiction center.

Transportation projects include the Hongmei Road Tunnel, the Metro Line 5 extension, and the first Bus Rapid Transit line. The Metro Line 15 extension has started construction.

Fengxian aims to maintain high standards and continually improve public services to ensure the city remains advanced even after 30 years, the district government said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Yang Jian

Quelle/Source: Shine, 12.06.2024

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