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Samstag, 20.04.2024
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Badr Al Samaa, a noted polyclinic chain in Oman, launched the first of its kind telemedicine centre in the country's private sector health care.

The facility is located at Badr Al Samaa's branch in Ruwi, the heavily populated district of Muscat and home to a majority of sub-continent expatriates.

Badr Al Samaa with its low-cost treatment facilities and manned by mostly expatriate staff is frequented by the middle class segment and is popular among the Indians.

The telemedicine centre is expected to enable Badr Al Samaa doctors to communicate with medical institutions across the globe and provide patients with valuable guidelines, especially those who get operated abroad as they can utilise this service for their post-operation treatments.

This, in turn, will help patients avoid huge expenses abroad for follow-up treatment.

Abdul Latheef and V T Vinod, managing directors of Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, pointed out that Badr Al Samaa has plans to make this service available not only from different hospitals in India but also from various parts of the globe such as Thailand and Singapore.

“We are the first private sector hospital to install a telemedicine centre in Oman. The new system is the integration of video, audio and peripheral to enable two or more doctors to communicate simultaneously over telecommunication lines. Video conferencing will transmit synchronised images and verbal communication between two or more in lieu of them being in the same room," members of the board of directors of the hospital stated.

Quelle/Source: Khaleej Times, 05.08.2007

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