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It’s a crowning achievement for S. Korea striving to export e-government systems through software consulting services.

Korea IT Consulting, a leading e-government consulting firm in S. Korea, has clinched an e-government EA (Enterprise Architecture) deal from the government of Botswana, a land-locked country situated in southern Africa.

In an official gazette released on September 15 by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB), the Botswanan government announced that Korea IT Consulting was selected as the winner of the “Professional Services for the Development of an e-Government Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture” project, initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Botswana. The project is worth 10 billion won.

Korea IT Consulting’s winning of the contract is a milestone accomplishment for the nation’s e-government sector in that the export of S. Korea’s e-government consulting services has thus far taken the form of ODA (Official Development Assistance) for developing nations. However, the recent deal with Botswana is a real e-government project, actually funded by the Botswanan government.

Korea IT Consulting was selected through a competitive bidding process. It had to beat out many global consulting firms from around the world that also had tendered for the deal. Hence it is a feat that crowns the S. Korean government’s efforts to export e-government systems around the world

Korea IT Consulting has numerous e-government consulting projects under its belt. It had carried out e-government consulting projects for developing nations in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Its ties with the Botswanan government trace back to 2012 when Korea IT Consulting conducted an e-government master plan consulting project for Botswana as part of an ODA program. Korea IT Consulting also carried out a GIDC (Government Integrated Data Center) feasibility study for Botswana the following year. In 2014, Korea IT Consulting bagged a 2015-2021 e-government master plan consulting project (worth USD 1 million) from the Botswanan government.

“We’ve so far carried out varied South Korean e-government system projects and shared our knowhow on setting up e-government systems with many developing countries. The EA deal with Botswana is very significant in that we beat roughly 10 global consulting firms in the bidding process,” said CEO Choi Ji-yun of Korea IT Consulting.

“I think that S. Korea’s endeavors for the export of e-government systems, led by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), National Information Society Agency (NIA) and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), have finally borne fruit. In order to have the Botswanan government equipped with an advanced e-government system, we will unsparingly transfer our technology and expertise to the African nation. By continuously exploring business opportunities, we will promote the unrivalled excellence of South Korean e-government solutions in the global e-government market,” CEO Choi ambitiously mentioned.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Yeon Choul-Woong

Quelle/Source: Korea IT Times, 16.09.2015

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