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Donnerstag, 25.02.2021
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Qualcomm Korea announced that it will work with the Smart City Association and Hwaseong City as part of Qualcomm's Wireless Reach™ to introduce smart city solutions that will enhance public safety.

Public safety is considered to be the most important priority for the entire local community, but whether public safety guarantees are guaranteed depends largely on available resources and surrounding needs.

This cooperation aims to support Hwaseong City to provide a high level of public safety services to maintain the quality of life that residents are satisfied with and ensure the level of welfare.

Hwaseong City can use wearable devices equipped with Qualcomm technology to immediately alert police, registered guardians and local CCTV centers when children, dementia patients, and child managers are in an emergency.

As a result, when police are dispatched, they can work with CCTV centers based on the smart city platform to discuss the most timely and efficient countermeasures to cope with the problem. Although the program initially uses 4G LTE, it is expected that it will be gradually integrated with innovative smart city technologies as 5G wireless networks are widely distributed in Korea.

"Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program ecosystem is leading the global spread of smart cities and smart connections, and it is realizing digital conversion that attracts about 300 participants," said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director of smart city business development at Qualcomm.

The program will first support 150 people, including children and elderly people with dementia, in Hwaseong City, and later expand to other local governments to strengthen public safety measures.

"Mobile technology plays a pivotal role in solving the big challenges of society," said Julie Welch, vice president of Qualcomm's rental business. "We are very happy to work with the Smart City Association and Hwaseong City to establish an overall government emergency response system to ensure the safety of the community."

"We will work with the Smart City Association and Qualcomm to protect and support the socially disadvantaged, such as senior citizens and children in need of help," said Seo Chul-mo, mayor of Hwaseong City. "We also hope that it will be a good opportunity for the vulnerable to enjoy their daily lives with confidence by utilizing ICT convergence technologies and systems."

"We have been working hard to build a social safety net through smart city technology and there was a need for the dissemination of wearable devices to serve individual socially disadvantaged individuals," said Min Byung-ho, executive director of the Smart City Association. ""We expect the cooperation between Qualcomm and Hwaseong City will serve as an opportunity to further strengthen safety support services for the socially disadvantaged."


Autor(en)/Author(s): Lee Kap-soo

Quelle/Source: Korea IT Times, 20.01.2021

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