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Donnerstag, 4.03.2021
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IOTA Foundation have recently signed up a strategic agreement with South Korean OBSR Foundation and the Tanglehub. This makes it possible for them to jointly apply for smart city projects with South Korea and South East Asia.

IOTA has a lot of applications, to cater to the requirements of several types of smart city relevant use-cases with just a single protocol.

Tae IL Cho, CEO, Observer Foundation, pointed to how they wanted to support the design and implementation of a service-oriented ecosystem by discovering innovative services which will be able to make use of distributed ID (DID) services like the objects, data, and contracts and also new services which link and utilize DLT/blockchain services like identity verification, logistics, payments, etc., where all of these are built through the Blockchain Free Regulatory Zone project.

Of note, the Observer Foundation are committed to collaborating with the IOTA Foundation on several South Korean projects. They have to state that this will also be a vice versa commitment.

In smart city projects where IOTA plays a large role, the Observer Foundation will also be involved.

They have to state that using the Tanglehub’s expertise they are already doing their first tests to integrate IOTA into Observers environmental stations, therefore securing data directly at the source.

Tanglehub CEO points to how they have been actively developing with IOTA ever since its inception. And, further stated that they are convinced about its potential to provide for a globally secure and scalable infrastructure for data, micropayments, digital twins and several other use-cases. He also stated that the upcoming version of the protocol along with additional standardizations for IOTA will provide the basis to develop production ready solutions.

IOTA Observer Foundation and Tangle

IOTA focuses on connecting human economy with machine economy by providing for -to-Machine (M2M) interactions.

For Clarity, Observer foundation have come up with an innovative platform for individuals and private firms who trade daily weather data. Thus anyone in the world will be able to trade weather data collected by smartphones, mini weather stations and automobiles and eventually receive Observer token in reward.

For clarity, Tanglehub, an official IOTA solution partner makes use of distributed ledger technology to improve on IOT data security and privacy. Apart from this, Tanglehub facilitates innovative solutions for future-oriented organizations which prepare their IOT into a secure and controllable platform. Tanglehub are making the competitive edge possible in the fast paced world of Internet of Things.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Dan Saada

Quelle/Source: The Currency Analytics, 23.01.2021

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