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Samstag, 20.07.2024
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Dublin City University (DCU) has partnered with Bentley Systems to create an advanced digital twin of its campus as part of its Smart DCU initiative. The partnership combines artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive digital twin technology. The campus will be used as a testing ground for innovative smart city solutions, with the aim of creating sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable urban spaces worldwide.

Bentley’s open 3D and reality modeling technology can create a campus model intricately linked with Internet of Things (IoT) data, which results in an immersive digital twin on its iTwin Platform.

The campus digital twin offers users a seamlessly interconnected and smart environment by integrating AI-powered analysis with a user-friendly interface for visualizing complex analytics. This allows for proactive problem-solving, optimization of resources, and informed decision-making intending to improve urban functionality and sustainability.

The digital twin has inspired environmental initiatives and simplified data visualization on campus, empowering agencies, and individuals to implement intelligent processes that shape the future of their cities, DCU said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Jesse Khalil

Quelle/Source: GPS World, 05.02.2024

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