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Sonntag, 4.06.2023
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Philippines-based firm Smart Citi Teknologi (SCT) entered into a memorandum of agreement with Czech company Tesla Smart Technologies to build a smart city in Manila. Mario Marcos and Peter Matejcek, the chief executive officers of the two companies, met in Makati City on Monday to form the deal. Also in attendance to witness the signing was Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala as part of his two-day visit in the country to boost bilateral and business relations.

The smart city project aims to promote a technology-driven lifestyle and develop an infrastructure that can withstand natural calamities while remaining carbon-neutral. From the reports of Tesla and SCT, the development will also increase the extraction of natural resources by 15% and keep extraction costs low by utilizing proprietary hardware and software. Marcos also said the project will tap the talents of Filipino experts in the information technology industry.

In addition, SCT formed an agreement with Czech mining company Draslovka to conduct safer mining and extraction operations of nickel and gold in the Philippines using advanced machinery that minimizes environmental impact.

SCT is also purchasing an island in Roxas, Palawan, which the company will develop into a smart island with an initial $1 billion investment.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Androel Encarnacion

Quelle/Source: Noypi Geeks, 18.04.2023

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