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Montag, 11.12.2023
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Officials of the local government unit of San Juan, Batangas, officially opened its new municipal building retrofitted with cutting-edge PLDT Enterprise connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions attesting to the municipality’s digital transformation journey and commitment to provide more effective and improved services to its constituents.

San Juan Mayor Ildebrando D. Salud shares his excitement about the completion of their new building and the implementation of PLDT Enterprise’s advanced solutions. “We will be able to better serve our constituents, communicate with them, and collaborate with each other more effectively with the help of this digital infrastructure,” Salud says. “We are thankful for the partnership we have with PLDT Enterprise, which has helped us get closer to becoming a Smart City. This allows our community to be more digitally inclusive, fostering a sustainable and progressive environment for all.”

San Juan, a first-class municipality in the province of Batangas, is making significant strides in constructing a Smart City utilizing new and relevant technologies to improve the community’s liveability, workability, and sustainability.

Structured Cabling, iGate, PABX, SIP Trunks, and CCTV are among the PLDT Enterprise solutions found in the brand-new municipal building enabling the LGU’s offices, management, and staff with faster communications and efficient work operations from its centralized voice and data services which have been strategically implemented.

According to William Batac, Enterprise Revenue Group Head at PLDT Enterprise, “Data is the backbone in building Smart Cities.” The Municipal Government of San Juan can efficiently capture, integrate, and manage data by utilizing the dependable and cutting-edge technologies offered by PLDT Enterprise, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in the quality of life for its citizens.

All offices, including the Command Center, are interconnected by the PLDT Enterprise PABX and SIP Trunks, resulting in streamlined communication channels.

The Municipal Government of San Juan, Batangas is also implementing a new hotline, #043-SAN JUAN (726 5826), as part of their transformation process to better serve its constituents.

Additionally, San Juan, Batangas, has access to a single, centralized source of shared information from PLDT Enterprise’s data services. This makes it easier for departments to work together and allow the flow of data become more efficient, both of which improve service delivery.

According to Anthony Fernandez, AVP and Head of Luzon LGU CRM at PLDT Enterprise, “The digital transformation of the Municipal Government of San Juan, Batangas highlights its commitment to innovation, providing cutting-edge services to its constituents.” PLDT Enterprise is pleased to be the preferred partner in meeting San Juan’s advanced requirements, ensuring that the district has reliable equipment and solutions to better serve its residents.

The significance of public-private partnerships in driving digital transformation at the local government level is demonstrated by the collaboration between San Juan, Batangas and PLDT Enterprise. Municipalities can benefit from PLDT Enterprise’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies through such partnerships to build a city that is more connected and responsive.

PLDT Enterprise continues to assist local governments in their digital transformation efforts, enabling them to provide better services, encourage economic growth, and improve community opportunities.


Quelle/Source: Manila Standard, 08.09.2023

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