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Montag, 15.07.2024
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Officials from the Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) of the Home Affairs Ministry embarked on a visit to South Korea to learn how to improve the implementation of smart governance at the national level.

BSKDN head Yusharto Huntoyungo informed that the official visit is a strategic step aimed at exploring innovation and best practices pertaining to smart government implemented by the South Korean government.

"This meeting (visit) marks an important milestone in our journey to a higher level of smart governance implementation," he said in a statement released by the Home Affairs Ministry in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Huntoyungo underscored that smart governance is not merely about utilizing technology in governance — it is also related to how an administration carries out fundamental transformation in public communication and the management of resources.

Broader implementation of smart governance would help Indonesia elevate the quality of public services offered in a significant manner, he added.

The official said he believes that the implementation of smart government would help central and regional governments augment their performance, formulate on-point policies, identify people's needs, and respond to changes more effectively.

To implement smart government nationally, Indonesia needs to pursue cross-sector collaboration with governments, private actors, academicians, society, and also the media, he added.

"Such a collaboration will lead to academic exchanges as well as broader cooperation in the management and formulation of policies," he continued.

He then expressed the hope that the BSKDN's visit to South Korea would inspire the government to continue to strive for the implementation of smart governance nationwide and the formulation of smart policies.


Quelle/Source: Antara News, 25.06.2024

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