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Our civil service has failed to deliver as many non-deserving civil servants got promotions but on the contrary deserved ones remained marginalized. Dr Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director, Institute of Business Administration Karachi and former Governor, State Bank of Pakistan delivered a lecture on “How to ensure good governance in Pakistan?” under the distinguished lecture series, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Karachi on Thursday, February 19.

In his lecture, he emphasized on the e/government system and termed it as a major tool that could help to minimize the menace of corruption. He added that federal government should take care of all higher educational institutions; provincial governments should monitor colleges while district education boards must be set up to ensure quality of education at the primary school level.

Dr Ishrat further added that we have seen a vital change in KPK province as the corruption rate has slightly decreased because of the policies of the provincial government. He urged upon all the other provinces to play a vital role in introducing reforms especially in the educational and health sectors of the country.

He highly emphasized to set up public safety commissions to supervise police department as it is highly politicized and has become inefficient. In the concluding remarks while addressing a well attended audience Prof. Dr Moonis Ahmar, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences strongly advocated the importance of proper work ethics as a major requirement for good governance in Pakistan.

He also gave the examples of Japan and Germany, the two countries, which were totally destroyed during the Second World War but were able to turn around because of the leadership pursuing strong work ethics.

Dr Ahmar that as a nation, we should be more responsible and honest in our duties. He thanked Dr Ishrat Hussain for delivering a very interesting and insightful lecture and presented shield on behalf of his faculty.


Quelle/Source: Pakistan Observer, 20.02.2015

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