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Samstag, 20.07.2024
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The City of Hamilton is to test a ticketless parking system based on license plate recognition.

The new system will be piloted at the Number 5 car park on Front Street next to Pier Six from tomorrow.

It entails the placement of a small camera at the car-park entry and exit points that will recognise the front license plates and calculate how long the vehicle has been in the location before issuing a request for payment.

The trial period will last for two months, then a decision will be made as to whether to roll out the system to other city car parks.

Fred Richardson, assistant superintendent for traffic management, said: “It was time to move in a smarter direction with regards to parking — one that removes the need for paper tickets.

“Hamilton’s motorists should notice a huge improvement with this new system, which will save them time and hassle in the car park, and eliminate the need for a physical ticket.

“However, the current ticket system will not be removed entirely, so that there is a back-up.

“The aim is to have better operating car park system that benefits both the consumer and the organisation.”

There will also be permit access for emergency vehicles as well as corporation vehicles and equipment. The LPR will read the vehicle’s plate and allow access if that plate matches any vehicle with preapproved access.

There will be opportunities to add permitted vehicles as needed for both long-term and short-term use.

EasyPark will also still be accepted as a payment option.

On Sundays and public holidays, the system will function as it does for stays of less than fifteen minutes — users will still need to select a payment option upon entry, but when exiting, there will be no fee requested.

There will be an intercom at the car park that will be staffed 24 hours a day should members of the public need assistance.

Parking management staff will be stationed at the entry point during peak times to assist motorists with the new system.

Access to bike parking in the car park will not be changed or affected.

The new system comes from Mobile Smart City and will allow for add-as-needed upgrades as technological advances occur or changes need to be made to the system.

How to use the new system

  • If you select “Press here to use LPR cameras” this will be the process for access and payment: The camera will read your license plate; the barrier will then open and you may enter the car park. When you return to your vehicle and are ready to exit, simply drive to the exit gate where the second camera will scan your plate again and issue a request for payment on the screen. Motorists may then swipe or tap a credit or debit card and the barrier will open once payment has been accepted. No pin will be required. For stays of less than 15 minutes, no payment will be requested, and the barrier will simply open.

  • If you select “Scan your code” this will be the process for access and payment: First you must download the Pango Parking application on your phone. (You can find this in your phone’s PlayStore or you can hold the camera of your phone over the QR code sticker at the car park gate.) It is free to download and will provide you with a QR Code.

A new QR will not be issued to you on each parking occasion. When you arrive at the entry gate, scan your individual QR code using the red-light scanner; the barrier will raise. When exiting, simply scan your QR code and exit. No payment will be requested using this method as it will be taken automatically as a back end payment (as the app will be linked to your credit card).


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sarah Lagan

Quelle/Source: The Royal Gazette, 02.01.2024

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