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The new biometric national ID smartcard for Morocco will be supplied by Idemia, which announced the deal to supply the e-ID cards for authentication to online services in support of the development of the country’s digital economy.

Under the contract signed with Morocco’s Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale (National Security Government Department – “DGSN”), Idemia will provide the cards for use with online services and transactions, along with a platform for secured digital identity online services. This will enable government agencies and private online service providers to tap into the new digital identity system to provide Moroccans with user-friendly, fast, and secure access that safeguards the privacy of their personal data on the e-ID cards, according to the announcement.

Idemia suggests its worldwide expertise can be leveraged to help deliver the major change provided by digital identities, and that its technology secures identity data in all steps of online and offline documents’ personalization and use. The company’s expertise in fingerprints and documents was demonstrated with the recent launch of a background check service for U.S. financial institutions and a training session on travel document security run jointly with INTERPOL.

“Digital is a game changer for the world and what people demand. From now on, everything’s got to be faster, easier and most of all, work anywhere on a mobile device in a secured environment,” explains Idemia Executive Vice President for Public Security and Identity Phillipe Barreau. “The public at large have already taken on board this new way of doing things and Morocco’s government services are following this path. But e-government services will only come about if people’s physical and digital identity is fully reliable and safeguarded. Biometric technology nowadays delivers watertight security and flexibility as expected. We are proud to be able to provide Morocco our expertise and technologies.”

Morocco, which will be host country to ID4Africa 2020, placed a temporary moratorium on facial recognition use by public and private entities in September.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Chris Burt

Quelle/Source: Biometric Update, 29.11.2019

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