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Samstag, 2.03.2024
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Contributing to the State’s efforts to transform Qatar into a world-class smart city by adopting the latest digital solutions, the Ministry of Municipality has installed tracking devices in 7,000 containers and 1,000 vehicles to build an efficient waste collection and management system, said a top official.

“The Ministry is implementing a project to track containers, cleaning vehicles, machines and equipment,” said Director of Projects and Development Department at the Ministry of Municipality Suleiman Al Abdullah while highlighting the achievements of the Ministry in 2023.

Speaking to Qatar TV recently, he said that about 90 percent of the project has been completed.

“Under the project tracking sensors have been installed in 7,000 waste containers and 1,000 cleaning vehicles,” said Al Abdullah.

Sensors measure the level of waste containers and send the info to a data management system about the level of waste and the last collection. Vehicles will only collect full or overdue containers.

Al Abdullah said that the Ministry attached great importance to digital transformation by setting up the Digital Transformation and Institutional Excellence Committee led by the Minister of Municipality.

He said that another major project of the Ministry is to develop about 400 services through digital transformation in a bid to provide proactive smart self-services to the public and beneficiaries of all sectors.

“So far, 65 services out of 400 have been completed and the remaining services are expected to be accomplished in 2024,” said Al Abdullah.

As part of its digital transformation plan, the Ministry of Municipality is setting up a comprehensive database with digital twin technology for all infrastructure facilities at the national level.

It is also working to provide the database to all service and planning agencies in the country through a modern digital platform.

Digital transformation and the provision of proactive smart self-services cover all sectors including municipalities, urban planning, agriculture and fisheries, public services and joint services, according to a recent report issued by the ministry.

The Ministry of Municipality represented by the General Cleanliness Department has provided containers to households in many areas for disposing of recyclable materials and organic waste separately under the second phase of the waste sorting at source programme.

The blue containers are for recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, papers and metals and the grey containers are for food waste and cleaning materials.

The second phase of the waste sorting at source programme, which is being implemented in Doha at first, will run for over two years until 2025 and will cover all households.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sanaullah Ataullah

Quelle/Source: The Peninsula, 03.01.2024

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