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New generation electronic ID cards will be introduced in Azerbaijan starting from September 1.

In the new generation ID cards, which are more secure than older ones, the electronic carrier-chip has been inserted, which includes the citizen's residence, family status information, as well as the identity card owner's biometric photo and other personal data.

The new certificates were provided with the "Electronic signature" certificates by the National Center for Certification Services of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.

One of these certificates is for identification. That is, new passports will determine the identity of the citizen in the internet.

The second certificate gives the citizen the opportunity to electronically sign documents to exchange documents from anywhere.

According to the legislation, citizens of 10-15 years old have only one certificate for identification and those older than 15 will have two certificates of identity and signature.

The new ID cards will make it possible to enter the "E-government" portal and use the services available there.

These certificates, which include "Electronic Signature" certificates, will also be used in banking, health care and "Electronic Commerce".

The "Electronic Signature" certificates of the new generation ID cards are valid for 5 years. Upon expiration of this period, the term can be prolonged for up to 5 years on the basis of the citizen's application. Please be informed that new generation electronic ID cards are issued for 10 years.

When using the ID cards during e-signature, it is necessary to download the special software on your computer and connect the e-ID card to the computer using a card reader. You can download the software from www.eid.az and see the download guide.

For any question about the use of the "Electronic Signature" certificate, please, contact Call Center 157.

It should be noted that for new generation identity cards citizens can apply to all territorial police offices and "ASAN service" centers.


Quelle/Source: News.Az, 31.08.2018

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