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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho South Africa, has won a contract with the government of Botswana to upgrade the legacy AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) platforms into a single, multi-biometric and multi-use new-generation platform.

The Botswana Police Service (BPS) has worked with Safran Identity & Security since 1998.

The future multi-biometric system will use fingerprint and facial recognition to serve all the identification requirements of various government departments. It is the first step for the rationalization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems in the government of Botswana.

Safran claims this will be one of the most advanced and complex systems ever delivered in terms of integration with multiple systems and the segregation and security of the data of each department.

Morpho South Africa will also deliver numerous livescan and cardscan stations as well as mobile handlheld devices and will also be in charge of the maintenance of the system for three years.

“This contract strengthens a long term partnership with the Botswana Government,” commented Paul Jeremias, Managing Director, Morpho South Africa. “We have proven our capacity to provide critical products and maintenance and we are now going to furnish a total integration of multiple biometric technologies in a single platform. Not only it is more cost-effective but also it is a vital facilitator of increasing national security and enabling e-Government services.”

Last month Safran announced that it has been selected by the Sultanate of Oman to consolidate the country’s civil identity, public security, border control and criminal identification systems in a single multi-biometric platform.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Stephen Mayhew

Quelle/Source: Biometric Update, 03.05.2017

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