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By the end of 2008 The Bahamas government will be more Internet friendly, according to Minister of State for Finance Zhivargo Laing who yesterday announced plans for a number of government services soon to be accessible online.

Minister Laing made the announcement during the launch of the post office's website and postal online tracking solution.

Laing said that by the end of next year, Bahamians could look forward to online applications for police records, driver's license renewals, e-passports and various permits and certificates. Services also will be offered online to electronically pay for a number of government services, including real property tax and customs duties.

In addition to those services, Laing said that a client-centric citizens, residents and business community web portal — directing customers to the information, products and services they desire from the government's website — will be implemented.

Two hundred government forms also will be available online for easy access and download. And the government plans to expand and improve its wide area network to ensure better service and greater capacity, a service that would also be extended to the Family Islands.

"Our being here today is another step along our serious march toward the full realization of e-government in The Bahamas," Laing said. "Today we launch the Post Office website and online tracking solution. The Post Office Department is one of the few public service agencies which directly competes with the private sector, as a number of private entities provide courier services similar to The Bahamas Postal Service."

The new online system at the Post Office provides information about postal department services, products for sale and makes available a means for tracking parcels and letters sent through the Express Mail Service.

"This online tracking of registered and EMS mail is an important interactive phase facility for the users of the postal service," said Laing. "And it now means that clients of the Post Office will be able to purchase a service request from the counter to its delivery point. This introduces new levels of transparency and accountability into the government's postal delivery service."

The new system at the Post Office will help alleviate frustrations of persons trying to locate packages. Now customers can log on to www.bahamas.gov.bs/postalservice for that information.

"More and more the government of The Bahamas will make use of Information Communication Technology to modernize its systems and bring more effective and efficient services to the public," said Laing. "It is a long journey but we will get there."

The Bahamas Government Online initiative was launched in January 2006. Post Master General Godfrey Clarke said he was elated that the Post Office could now offer customers a "splendid" online service.

He added that the latest online feature would alleviate waiting on lines at the Post Office, with the new application forms readily available online.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Bianca Symonette

Quelle/Source: The Nassau Guardian, 29.11.2007

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