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Dienstag, 29.09.2020
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In the years to come , Covid-19 will be regarded as one of the world’s biggest disruptions and it will take time before things return to normal, but the negative part of the virus aside, It has also contributed to some positive changes hygienically and accelerated the transition towards a cashless economy.

Digital payments have completely replaced cash and the good thing is that small scale traders who were slow to adopt the new system have also come on board and Kigali’s transformation into a smart city is very much on course.

The most popular means of transportation, taxi motos (Motorcycle taxis) are the latest to gain from the virus because from this week, all taxi motos are GPS enabled and metered to display the distance travelled and the cost and all payments are done digitally.

The 46,000 taxi moto operators grouped in 146 cooperatives is a formidable economic force and now that they are all under one digital platform their leaders should aim for the skies. They can now easily save digitally from their source of income and from all indications of the Central Bank that the economy is picking up, other sectors should emulate the taxi moto industry and adopt the digital currency.

All indications point to the fact that the fight against Covid-19 is progressing well and very soon all restrictions will be lifted, it should be more reason for people to work extra hard to pick up the lost time. Just as many governments have been forced to think outside the box when dealing with the virus, people should do the same in dealing with the current digital transformation. There are many untapped opportunities out there.


Quelle/Source: The New Times, 15.08.2020

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