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Dienstag, 14.07.2020
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“Data has become a matter of geopolitics and geoeconomics”

On the January 29, 2020, the European Commission (EC) released the “Commission Work Programme 2020″. Under the second priority, “A Europe fit for the digital age” – the EC announced its intention to put forward for consultation a rich array of strategic documents outlining Europe’s digital strategy, writes Secure Chorus founder Elisabetta Zaccaria.

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New research outlines trends for the coming decade and an action plan with some controversial recommendations to inform the decisions of policymakers around the upcoming Digital Services Act

The European Parliament has published research outlining technology trends for the next decade, such as 6G, autonomous transport and personalised healthcare, along with recommendations to enable European countries to be at the forefront of digital, including the creation of a regional internet.

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The tech ecosystem in Europe is flourishing making it a role model for the rest of the world. European cities have better public transit, a stronger focus on low CO2 emissions and sustainability, a larger population interested in walking and cycling, and much more that lead to both smarter and sustainable cities.

For the uninitiated, a smart city uses more efficient networks and services with the deployment of telecommunication and digital technologies. It benefits both the residents and businesses equally. Moving beyond the use of information and communication technologies for less emissions and improved use of resources, a smart city involves other aspects such as upgraded water supply, smarter urban transport networks, more efficient ways to heat and light buildings, etc. Basically, it means a more responsive and more interactive city administration and a more convenient and safer place of living.

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Public sector IT is about trust, and IT consultancy OpenSky reports an increased interest in deploying blockchain to meet this need

As a technology, blockchain has been quietly maturing for some years now; quietly at least in the sense that work is under way to demonstrate useful applications in surprising places, because the fuss around the distributed ledger technology itself is anything but quiet.

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Discover how digital citizenship platforms can help resolve local issues

With all the rights it affords us to gain, digital citizenship has become an integral part of the whole paradigm of being a citizen in the 21st century. Through the development of information technology and the future leap to ultra-fast 5G networks, the integration of the individual within this system becomes crucial for him to be able to become not only fully socially engaged, but also become better involved with the government’s institutions (both local and national) and the broader political and societal processes.

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