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Freitag, 24.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Angola stands in the 127th position in the ranking of the United Nations electronic governance ranking, after having risen 31 places from the year 2005 today.

This was said Friday in Luanda by the deputy minister of Science and Technology, Pedro Teta.

The official, who was reacting to this year’s UN e-Government Survey report, said this rise was owed to the central Government effort that led to the country’s shooting from its previous 158th position of the year 2005.

According to the deputy minister, with this rise, Angola stands 15th from among African countries and seventh in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), making an effort to rank among the first 10 of the continent and first five of the regional organisation.

“Angola has excelled at world level for its rapid evolution in the electronic governance and if we continue with the current policies, we have the potential to rise further, with chances of reaching the leading places of the world average in the coming five years,” he said.

The e-Government Readiness Index is established on the basis of three sub-indicators that are the rate of access to Internet; Angola there was 67th from among 192 countries, with 44 percent, 54 percent in human capital and infrastructure (two percent), where Angola has to develop in coming challenges.

To the deputy minister, the Government has established 69 portals, ranging from the provincial governments, ministries and others, including seminars it has held.

During the press conference, the deputy minister hinted that the Government of Angola will attend the summit of African leaders that Microsoft will organise from 21-23 this year in Burkina Faso, on "Good Electronic Governance Practices”, taking into account the UN world ranking.

Among other purposes, at the said summit, Angola will have the accords signed with Microsoft four years ago reinforced. One of the premises of the accord is the opening, in May this year, of an office of Microsoft for the African Portuguese Speaking Countries (Palop) in Angola.

The first 15 positions of the e-Government Readiness ranking are taken by Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA, Holland, South Korea, Canada, Australia, France, UK, Japan, Swiss, Ethiopia, Luxemburg and Finland.


Quelle/Source: AngolaPress, 18.04.2008

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