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The 4th Broad Consultative Council on Information and Communication Technologies held in northern Uige province from March 21-22, recommended the boosting of programmes of massification of the information and communication technologies around the country.

The recommendation is contained in the meeting's final communiqué that reached Angop on Saturday.

Addressing the closing of the event, minister José Carvalho da Rocha urged the participants to fulfil the conclusions and recommendations from the Consultative Council.

Other topics are measures of policies and strategies for the ICT's sector, plan of development of new generation infrastructure network, master plan on information technologies and their impact on the Angolan society and challenges of the sector's projects in the governance context.

The meeting tackled such topics as electronic governance and State's private network, upgradng of Angolans for the new challenges, plans of development of electronic communication operators and their alignment with the sector's strategy in the diversification of the services.

The meeting also recommended improvements to the meteorological telecommunication networks to enable the access to web information and products.

The participants also reached the conclusion about the need for creation of technical teams of study of the factors involved in the improvement to the services provided to the public and liberalisation of the market, as per recommendation contained in the white paper on information and communication technologies.

The source also mentions the meeting as having recommended the expansion of the services and identification of the guidelines for the implementation of the solutions and estimated budgets.


Quelle/Source: AllAfrica, 24.03.2013

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