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Benin’s government aims to accelerate the country's digital transformation, positioning it as a key driver of socio-economic development. A budget of CFA31 billion FCFA was allocated to the Ministry of Digitalization for FY2023.

Benin’s government is pursuing its digital transformation ambition. For FY2024, the government is planning to allocate up to CFA24.3 billion ($40.5 million) to the Ministry of Digitalization (MND). Minister Aurelie Adam Soulé Zoumarou (pictured) presented the budget to the National Assembly's Budget Committee on Monday, November 20.

Of the total budget, CFA12.79 billion will specifically be used for digital transformation projects, including the development of digital infrastructure, the accelerated deployment of fiber optics, connectivity for administrative centers, improvement of national GSM coverage, digitization of public administration, and the establishment of a digital skills school. The remaining budget will be allocated to the ministry's service support and steering program, as well as projects in the media sector.

The proposed FY2024 budget for the Ministry of Digitalization is lower than that of 2023, which was CFA31 billion. "This does not indicate a reduction in ambitions. On the contrary, we know that we are in a cross-cutting ministry; meaning the budget is also distributed to other ministries as they all undertake digital projects. Therefore, it is essential to consider the overall picture," explained the minister.


Quelle/Source: ITC & Telecom, 22.11.2023

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