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Sonntag, 23.06.2024
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President Boakai has launched Liberia's Digital Transformation Project, targeting 10,000 youths nationwide. This initiative fulfills his commitment made during his first state of the nation address in January. He emphasized the importance of leveraging Information Communication Technology (ICT) to create jobs for Liberian youths. The goal is to empower 10,000 young people with digital skills within the first half of 2024.

President Boakai expressed his excitement about leading Liberia's digital transformation, stating that adapting to the digital age is crucial for the country's progress. He highlighted ICT as a key player in Liberia's development, supporting various sectors and driving the nation's development agenda.

"Digital transformation is crucial in unlocking Nigeria's full potential. In our department, ICT is the backbone that supports various sectors of development, making it a key player in our development agenda. It is evident in our pillars, highlighting its significance in our development initiatives," he said.

The project aims to position Liberia as a leader in the global digital economy, with a target of engaging 30,000 individuals in this transformation. President Boakai stressed that failure to embrace digital change risks hindering Liberia's global progress.

He emphasized the benefits of digital innovation for Liberia, including participation in the global digital economy, improved access to education, and inclusive growth opportunities. The President also announced plans to make computer literacy a compulsory subject in high school curriculums to equip youth with essential digital skills.

The project's steering committee includes key stakeholders from the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, and Ministry of Youth and Sports. The collaboration aims to accelerate digital infrastructure development and establish a digital government framework, engaging various sectors for economic enhancement and job creation.

The launch of the project, held at the EJ Sirleaf Ministerial Complex, brought together government officials, civil society agencies, international partners, telecommunications companies, the House of Representatives, and students from across the country.

Rep. Ivar K. Jones, Chairman of the House Committee on Telecommunications expressed the Legislature's support to President Boakai and his administration in their digital transformation drive.

Cllr. Jeror Cole Bangalu, Minister of Youth and Sports said the program is a strategic step towards improving performance, efficiency, transparency, and accountability, especially in public service.

"This intentional disruption is changing the way businesses operate, approach the market, and deliver economic growth and development. We are grateful for your vision and leadership, which will give young people access to the tools they need to accelerate sustainable development in this era of disruptive technology," he said.

Sekou M. Kromah, Post & Telecommunications Minister said digital transformation has become imperative in developing countries, as it helps improve efficiency and customer experience.

According to him, the lack of digital infrastructure is a common challenge in developing countries, but the government has made digitization a priority to help the country reach its full potential, adding that the launch of this initiative, with less than 10,000 digital growth, is a significant step towards digitalization.

Earlier, given the overview of the project, Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) Acting Chairperson Abdullah L. Kamara said the key objectives of the project are to design and implement digital awareness, skills training and empowerment programs for Liberians to contribute to the nation's economic growth.

Kamara said the three key objectives of the project are to promote the use of technology, facilitate tech-education and empower tech entrepreneurs.

Kamara stated that digital transformation encompasses the comprehensive integration of digital technologies into all aspects of an organization or society, fundamentally changing how they operate and deliver value.

"For developing countries like Liberia, digital transformation offers a multitude of opportunities to leapfrog transitional development barriers and accelerate progress," he noted.


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