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A local Scottish council is testing out new eInvoicing software in an effort to streamline its purchasing operations by eliminating paper processes.

According to eGov Monitor, Argyll and Bute Council will be the first local authority in Scotland to begin using electronic invoices for ePS generated orders as part of a pilot scheme being run by the public sector eGovernment initiative - eProcurement Scotland.

The council, together with eProcurement Scotland, will review the new eInvoicing system over the coming weeks in order to measure its ability to save both time and money.

If the system is deemed a success suggested timescales for other ePS user organisations in Scotland to implement eInvoicing software directly into ePS will then be put forward.

eProcurement Scotland aims to help the Scottish public sector, including central government, local government and the NHS, to achieve cost savings and efficiencies through eProcurement.

Quelle/Source: Mikrofax eProcurement News, 20.11.2006

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