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Samstag, 2.03.2024
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Micromobility provider Tier Mobility is adding 500 shared Westbike electric bikes to the UK city’s micromobility fleet with Westcargo bikes to follow shortly.

Micromobility provider Tier Mobility is rolling out 500 shared Westbike electric bikes in the UK city of Bristol.

It follows its deployment of more than 2,000 e-scooters earlier this year and plans to also add Westcargo bikes to the micromobility fleet shortly.

Interchangeable battery pack

The Westbike fleet consists of Tier’s latest e-bike model, the Tier 3, which features user touch points highlighted in orange, an updated electric motor controller that provides a natural pedalling feel, and an upgraded battery pack which is interchangeable with the Tier 6 e-scooter.

Bristol is the first UK city where Tier is using the interchangeable battery pack across the full e-bike and e-scooter fleet.

Users can locate and hire Westbikes through the Tier app, as well as identifying which parking bays they will be able to use. Due to the difference in vehicle sizes, the selection of parking bays available to e-bike users is different to the parking bays available to e-scooter users.

Westbike users are encouraged to check their destination to ensure there is a parking bay with capacity available there. Tier has made an online parking map available for users to find a parking location. Westbikes cost £1 to unlock and 16 pence per minute to ride.

Westcargos will be available to hire through the nextbike by Tier app. They must be returned to the parking bay they are rented from and cost £1 to unlock and then 5 pence per minute to ride. The cargo bikes are equipped with a large front cargo area.

“E-bikes are great for longer journeys and great for people who would rather be seated while travelling and with the front basket suit people taking a journey with a bigger bag,” said Jessica Murphy, head of public policy, UK, at Tier.

“With the addition of the Westbike e-bikes we have added another 500 vehicles to the Bristol fleet, improving availability at the same time as bringing a new mode to the city.

“This is the first time e-bikes have been added to the micromobility service in Bristol, there will be a period of adjustment as we make changes to ensure we are meeting the needs of users.”


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 19.12.2023

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