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The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) has opened three new regional offices in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, Almaty of Kazakhstan and Cuenca of Ecuador to propel global smart city cooperation initiatives.

The organization will introduce achievements and goals of these new regional offices during its annual conference to be held at the Seoul Global Center on Tuesday.

Dubbed the "2024 Activities Kick-off Event," the event will showcase WeGO’s key programs and goals this year under the theme of "Smart Life in Smart City."

The Seoul-based international association was launched by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2010 with 50 member cities to promote innovative and inclusive smart city models. Currently, it has regional offices in Chengdu in China, Beyoglu in Turkey and Abuja in Nigeria.

The annual event will bring together some 100 representatives from member cities, corporations, local governments, diplomatic missions, academics and specialists in Seoul, where they will exchange ideas on city-to-city diplomacy and seek cooperation in smart city development.

The conference aims to strengthen partnerships between Seoul and other global cities on green and sustainable energy infrastructure as well as fostering human-centered sustainable growth.

Last year, the organization launched the Seoul Smart City Prize to recognize ongoing and planned smart city projects that address the digital divide and prioritize the needs of the socially vulnerable.

WeGO said its new award and other initiatives will continue to foster innovative and inclusive smart city models to ensure a smarter and more sustainable way of living.

In addition, the organization will hold its executive committee meeting in Almaty.

Known as the largest city in Kazakhstan and an economic powerhouse to the Central Asian region, the city with a population of over 2 million is a strategic hub for international business and travel transportation connecting Asia and Europe, according to the group.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Lee Hae-rin

Quelle/Source: The Korea Times, 17.02.2024

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