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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Medical software industry leaders have arranged to fly to Sydney to help the Government resolve the technical issues associated with the Healthcare Identifiers program.

Over 60 CEOs are meeting in Sydney on Monday to resolve the remaining technical issues for the Australian Governments key Healthcare Identifiers Service. The intent is to help the government meet its deadline to launch this ground breaking eHealth initiative on 1st July.

Contrary to media reports that the project was seriously in trouble and flawed the members of MSIA who are engaged with the government believe that the issues are largely technical and with this level of expertise gathered in one room, the solutions will be found.

This eHealth initiative is a first step in supporting healthcare providers to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in Australia.

Dr Geoffrey Sayer, President of the Medical Software Industry Association, (MSIA) says “this shows fantastic commitment and willingness from industry to support the government’s reforms in e health”. Dr Sayer said he believed this was “the biggest gathering of healthcare software leaders” ever in Australia.

Dr Sayer said he was delighted that senior executives from Department of Health and Ageing had agreed to attend and provide a briefing to industry on the policy levers around the legislation. This will certainly assist industry in ensuring a fast up take of the Healthcare Identifiers. There have already been a range of collaborative meetings amongst key stakeholders to ensure a smooth roll out on July 1st.

The Department of Health and Ageing is finalising a commitment to industry including NEHTA and Medicare and the MSIA welcomes that initiative.

“However international experience has shown that if we are to effectively deliver improved safety and quality of health management in Australia it must be adequately funded” said Dr Sayer. “We are therefore urging Minister Roxon to include sufficient capital investment in eHealth within 2010-11 budget allocations.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): Bridget Kirkham

Quelle/Source: Get the Word Out, 10.05.2010

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