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Significant leap forwards for government as a platform concept.

Australia’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) will build a single log-in for government services that will operate across federal, state and local governments.

The move is important because it bridges the divide between central and local government digital services by creating a common system for citizens anywhere in Australia.

The current federal myGov system, run by the Department of Human Services, will now be managed by the DTO and made available to local government.

Speaking in Parliament, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull - who is responsible for the DTO - said that “to bring on board a state government service agency costs only $50,000 [US$39,000] in onboarding costs. We are going to make this available to all local and state government for no charge from the Commonwealth. This is going to revolutionise the way state services are delivered, it’s going to make government more efficient”.

According to a post on Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s website, the DTO will also work with state and local governments on a “digital mailbox and a digital identity platform.”

Like others in the region, including Singapore and New Zealand, Australia has established a central digital team with a remit to work across all central government digital services.

“The DTO has been established so that agencies can adopt a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to service delivery, moving beyond the current model of agencies operating in silos,” according to Turnbull.

The services built by the DTO will be “reusable and interconnected”, he pledged.

DTO’s announcements mark a significant step forward for the concept of ‘government as a platform’, an idea coined by Tim O’Reilly and being popularised in the UK. This concept sees all government agencies using the same basic systems based on a framework set by central government.

Britain’s Government Digital Service - which inspired the launch of the DTO - is looking to expand its mandate to cover local government services. Both the government and opposition parties in the UK have committed to make this happen after the next general election in May.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Joshua Chambers

Quelle/Source: futureGov, 16.02.2015

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