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Dienstag, 26.05.2020
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Quantela’s Coronavirus Emergency Response platform also includes an app that enables citizens to contribute to as well as access critical information.

Smart city platform provider Quantela has launched a command-and-control centre for crisis management during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus Emergency Response (CoVER) platform is designed to enable cities around the world to boost their ability to monitor, predict and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. It includes an app that enables citizens to contribute to as well as access critical information.

Aggregating data

The end-to-end solution enables city, state and central governments to manage, track, communicate and respond to the coronavirus using the data that exists within their systems.

The platform allows authorities to aggregate the data from multiple sources, combine, analyse and visualise it in a manner that helps them understand the overall situation and take appropriate decisions during the pandemic.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a predictive analytics engine to highlight important patterns and trends such as the next breakout areas so that appropriate prevention strategies can be actioned.

“Data is key toward effectively tracking and managing a government’s pandemic response," said Amr Salem, CEO of Quantela.

"Cities will be able to predict future scenarios based on current spreading patterns, understand the impact on critical medical assets, speed up allocation of patients to hospitals with available capacity, track quarantined patients, and distribute assets where needed the most," added Salem.

Quantela’s platform can be tailored to the needs of each locality and deployed within as few as three days, claims Quantela. The solution also includes a field officer app for frontline workers such as nurses, doctors, and police officers to streamline the collection of high-quality data.

The Citizen App allows community members to access critical information and contribute localised data as well as perform health self-assessments, self-report and self-monitor if home quarantined.

"CoVER will empower the government and the administrators to react assertively and promptly with the set of digital tools specifically designed to help curb the spread of coronavirus," said Sridhar Gadhi, founder and executive chairman, Quantela.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 27.04.2020

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