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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

AE: Vereinigte Arabische Emirate / UAE

  • AE: Dubai Municipality launches iFood initiative

    The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality has recently launched the iFood initiative. The initiative, which was announced during Gulfood 2013 is aimed at simplifying the procedures to get information related to the food safety and expanding the circle of spreading the requirements, procedures and guidance related to food safety in the emirate of Dubai by uploading these documents into a number of iPads.

    Eng. Khalid Mohammed Sherif , Director of Food Control Department, said :''This experience will be implemented in the entire offices of the department in municipality centers simplifying the procedures for customers.'' 'This system contains all types of data such as import and export of food, food safety regulations and services, Halal food requirements, food additions...etc, Khalid explained.

  • AE: Dubai Police to introduce ID e-services

    Smartphone users have been given the option of not using a number of cards to verify identification, as the Dubai Police e-Service has added more smart service provisions. The public now can present their driving licences on smartphones.

    “They can also show identification documents (ID); car ownership cards (Mulkia) and be able to carry out vehicle registrations via smartphones,” said the Director General of e-Service, Col Khalid Naasir Al Razouqi.

  • AE: Dubai residency office opens more self-service kiosks

    Following the success of its Amer self-service kiosks, which provide customers with prompt updates about the visa services and status round the clock, the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) has set up more booths in different locations around the city.

    Amer self-service booths are now available at Dubai International Airport, Ministry of Labour office, Sharjah Airport, the GDRFA-Dubai headquarters and its external offices.

  • AE: Dubai residents to use Emirates ID to access government services

    Move saves customers from the need to have multiple accounts, official says

    Starting from October this year Dubai residents will be able to access all government services using their Emirates ID, Dubai eGovernment announced on Monday.

    MyID is a new initiative launched by eGovernment in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID). The initiative will cover all government entities in Dubai and will include more than 20 government entities in its first phase.

  • AE: Dubai Roads launches an integrated institutional platform for designing and developing artificial intelligence solutions

    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an integrated institutional platform for the design and development of artificial intelligence and data science solutions, which are designed according to the best international standards, in cooperation with a number of leading international companies in this field. Innovative that promotes innovation and leadership in the authority’s various fields of work, such as predictive maintenance of roads and bridges, planning mass transit routes, crowd management, and others.

  • AE: Dubai set to launch new high-tech mapping system

    Dubai Municipality has said it is working on the final stage of a new high-tech mapping system which aims to locate buildings in the emirate to within one metre.

    Makani will use a code number for each building in the emirate of Dubai and will be available for use through smart phones, tablet PCs, computers and navigational devices in cars.

  • AE: Dubai smartest city in the Gulf

    Dubai stood out for its strategic vision coupled with a clear understanding of the practical requirements to deliver on its vision

    Dubai's efforts to become smart city in the word help rank the emirate top in a Smart City Index that studies 10 Gulf cities' strategy and execution of smart city campaigns.

    Dubai stood out for its strategic vision coupled with a clear understanding of the practical requirements to deliver on its vision, in a study released by Huawei and Navigant.

  • AE: Dubai taps data-driven strategy to ride smart city wave

    Emirate boasts very strong data and experience-driven smart city strategy.

    Dubai's smart city vision will rely on a complex network of interconnected technologies such as Arificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain to tackle challenges such as sustainability, infrastructure quality, investment and funding, environmental quality, job generation and digital public services.

    Experts say that Dubai has already launched several smart city entities and initiatives that will address these challenges to attract investment, create jobs and boost competitiveness. These include the establishment of Smart Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation, as well as the Dubai Data Initiative, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, the Happiness Agenda, the Dubai AI Roadmap, and the Dubai Paperless Strategy.

  • AE: Dubai-Government Workshop to showcase latest services at GITEX Technology Week 2021

    The Dubai-Government Workshop (DGW), is set to join the GITEX Technology Week on October 17 to 21 at the Dubai World Trade Center as part of the Digital Dubai Pavilion. During this event, DGW will showcase its latest services, updates on new initiatives and innovations, as well as introduce its advanced solutions aimed at enhancing customer experience and improving the government service sector in the Emirate of Dubai and in the UAE.

    Through its participation in this major event, DGW seeks to inform the public about the progress made in providing an easy and smooth experience for all customers through integrating technological innovations that ensure safety procedures in preparation for the post-pandemic phase.

  • AE: Dubai: Heads of government entities commit to accelerate digital transformation

    Heads of Dubai Government entities on Thursday said the emirate’s high ranking in the Local Online Service Index (LOSI) 2022 issued by the UN places greater responsibility on them to maintain Dubai’s leadership in e-governance and the digitisation of services.

    Dubai was ranked first in the Arab world and fifth globally in the Index with outstanding scores in Institutional Framework, Content Provision and Service Provision, consolidating its reputation as one of the world’s best e-governments.

  • AE: Dubai: Number of e-government services have grown from 14 to 2,000

    Expansion can only be successful with wider internet penetration in the Arab world

    Dubai launched its e-government services in 2000 for the efficient delivery of official services, such as business registration, licensing, immigration and visa-related services, government permits and renewals for healthcare services, driving licences, among others.

    Since then it has taken off, while other governments in the Arab world are still catching up.

  • AE: Dubai’s mobile government plans on track

    Smart Government initiative to harness power of smartphones and ensure all services are on mobile platforms by May 2015

    Work is progressing on Dubai’s plans for a fully mobile government, a top official said at an m-government conference held in Dubai yesterday.

    “The Smart Government initiative aims to harness the power of smartphones and make way for all possible services on mobile platforms by May 2015,” said Ahmad Bin Humaidan, director-general of Dubai Smart Government.

  • AE: DubaiPay services now available on Al Ansari Exchange’s mobile app

    Dubai’s Department of Finance (DoF) and Dubai Smart Government Establishment (DSG) have teamed up with Al Ansari Exchange to offer DubaiPay services on Al Ansari Exchange’s mobile app.

    According to state news agency WAM, Al Ansari Exchange’s customers can now use DubaiPay as an alternative payment option available on the app.

  • AE: E-health revolution

    An electronic inspection system that will determine on-the-spot violations during routine health inspections has been launched by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

    According to a senior official, the new system will also immediately verify if doctors employed by the facility are licensed, which in the process saves considerable time.

    From January to September this year, the authority has carried out 3,156 visits, during which time inspectors have issued 196 violations including 150 fines for individuals and health facilities, 44 warnings to health facilities and the temporary closure of two facilities.

  • AE: E-security at risk in push towards ‘smart city’

    Ever-growing dependence on technology across various fields offers more opportunities for disruption, whether it is in e-government, critical infrastructure or economic targets.

    Dubai’s push towards e-government and the concept of a smart city will likely result in an increased number of cyber attacks, according to cyber security experts.

    “The short answer is yes, that will likely be the case,” said Manish Gupta, senior vice-president for products of FireEye, a cyber security company. “For roughly every thousand lines of code, there is one vulnerability. That is, of course, well-written code. If you write it very poorly, there would be perhaps more vulnerabilities or weaknesses that can be exploited.”

  • AE: e-service to boost online govt services

    The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is finalising the initial version of the e-service Quality Standards that will be used to help the federal government to upgrade and improve the e-services they provide to the public.

    This project falls in line with one of the main initiatives in the federal e-government strategy as adopted by the Council of Ministers last year. The formulation of the standards is also in response to the directives issued by the UAE leadership to complete the e-transformation at the federal government level within a 24 month timeframe. The ‘e-service Quality Standards’ document outlines a range of electronic empowerment mechanisms to boost the efficiency of online government services. It also provides a list of evaluation points that the government entity can refer to in order to measure the quality of each electronic service, its level of maturity and whether it complies with the requirements.

  • AE: eDirham 9-month revenues up 15% at Dh6b

    The total number of electronic services that has been completed through the eDirham system since the beginning of 2015 rose eight per cent to 27.3 million.

    The total automatically collected amounts of revenues by the Federal Government via the eDirham system in the first nine months of 2015 was more than Dh6 billion, up 15 per cent from Dh5.1 billion in the same period of 2014.

  • AE: Eida has world's largest integrated biometrics

    Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has announced the possession of the world's largest database of civil integrated biometrics within the UAE population register system with a total of around 103 million decimal and rounded fingerprints as well as the prints of the palm, hand and hand side and over 15 million facial prints and digital signatures, until mid of 11th October.

    On the sidelines of its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2012, which kicked off in Dubai world Trade Centre on Sunday, the Emirates ID announced that it had submitted an official application to the World Record Academy to register its attempt to achieve a record, the first of its kind in the world, that would bring it new international recognition of the unprecedented figure it achieved.

  • AE: Emirates Identity Authority gets Arab e-excellence award

    Authority recognised for efforts to switch to m-government

    The Emirates Identity Authority has won the Arab Excellence Awards Academy’s “Excellence Shield” in the e-transactions category as part of the Arab e-Government Excellence Award.

    The laurel comes in recognition of Emirates ID’s efforts to facilitate the switch to m-government in the UAE.

  • AE: Emirates Identity Authority is 99% Emiratised now

    The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has nationalised 99 per cent of its jobs, the highest Emiratisation rate across the country. This was affirmed by Eida Director-General Dr Ali Al Khouri who was addressing the first ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs Forum for Quality & Excellence’ here recently.

    “Such an intensified localisation strategy has significantly reduced career turnover, and increased occupational satisfaction, as well as the number of staff graduates.” Dr Al Khouri attributed the breakthrough to the adoption of the operations and mechanisms due for decision making support. “We have implemented the principles of total quality and global best practices, invested in training, supported and encouraged continuous learning, and experience sharing.”

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